About Choice Coaching with Joci James

The difference between roadblocks and freedom is


Let Joci help you …

  • Use Your Inner Strengths to Activate and Achieve Your Vision
  • Eliminate Road Blocks/a>
  • Stay in Tune With Your Values
  • Realize Your Chosen Destination of Success
  • Tap Into Other People’s Strengths as They Tap Into Yours/a>

Who is Joci James?


As your life coach she will help you…

  • Identify your personal strengths and natural talentsjoci-mirror2-136x150
  • Achieve clarity of thinking, harmony, and alignment with your values
  • Discover how you will make every feeling a choice, not just something that happens
  • Design a Personal LIfe Plan to take you on your journey to realize your destination of success

When Choosing Joci James as your “Life Strength’s Detective,” you will CHOOSE a partner that has already blazed a trail to a successful life fulfillment. She will support you in discovering the best in YOU! Joci’s mission is to share her wisdom, education and techniques, that will inspire, uplift, and empower you forward in your life.

With passion and candor, Joci’s work speaks to the heart, inspiring others to love life, to persevere through challenges. Through four successful businesses from Beverly Hills to Dallas, and decades of challenges, CHOICES and roadblocks, she is dedicating her “Encore” years to the life success of others. Based on her education and experience, she selects the appropriate strengths assessments and tools to propel her clients to form a life strategy that is rewarding for them.

Joci refers to herself as a lifelong learner. She has learned how to make the best Choices for her by following the results of her strengths assessments. She is a “Maximizer.” Maximizers are people who are driven to make the best choice.

Partnering with Joci, you will learn to:
  • Make a CHOICE and then focus on its benefits instead of peering down the road not taken.
  • Group large numbers of options into categories so that you can rule on several at a time.
  • Turn a potential right CHOICE into the right CHOICE by knowing your strengths.
  • Sleep well at night, feeling comfortable with the CHOICES you have made.