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What Is Coaching?

Joci James, Life Tour Guide, can provide you with the tools, language, awareness, and skill(s) necessary so that you can accomplish what you most want to achieve as quickly as possible, such as:
  • Design a plan of Action
  • Making better/more effective Decisions
  • Gain more Focus
  • Craft Changes in your personal and work life to help you build and sustain momentum until you fulfill Your Lifelong Dreams

As your coach Joci can help you:
  • Implement the plan of Action and work through inevitable changes and obstacles;
  • Maintain a Healthy Balance between your personal and professional life;
  • Keep looking ahead to take advantage of Opportunities which are now just formulating
  • Bring out your personal best, keeping focused on Your Needs,Values and Vision.
  • Live the Life of Your Choice
What Value do you put on your Happiness and Peace of Mind?
If you are not sure how to address issues causing you to have second thoughts about how you make choices, consider investing in yourself by scheduling a complementary coaching session with Joci. The pay off in terms of the quality (and even length) of your life could be well worth your investment.

To schedule a complimentary coaching session, contact Joci.

Discover how designing your life map with Coach Joci can help you get on the road to living a life that truly inspires you, and

Living the Life of Your Choice and Vision

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