88 Yr. Life Coach Joci James Hits Speakers Circuit

The Wisdom of Joci JamesAt  the youthful age of 88 years old, life coach Joci James, known as The Life Strength Detective, hit the world by storm, announcing that she will be delivering a variety of new courses, beginning a membership site and writing a book. She made this announcement on her 88th birthday, to the surprise of many people. Indeed, it was not expected that she would be able to deliver this, considering she’s had to overcome the challenge of learning new technologies, be an active senior and look after her then 93 year old husband with Alzheimer’s. Joci surprised the world by becoming a certified life coach at the age 70 and now she has done it again  and in a big way.

“My dream is to lead every individual on a true treasure hunt”, says Joci James. “I want them to be empowered to find their own hidden talents and gifts. Discovering this will allow them to positively impact their own lives, their families, their communities and the world as a whole. I believe I am like wine, I get better as I get older, and I still want to make a difference.”

Joci went through various significant life challenges herself and to the surprise of many she has grown younger and wiser with age. Today, she is a youthful, vibrant, strong and an informed woman. Her goal is to guide others to find their own inner brilliance and let it shine. She has been active online, writing funny, thought provoking and informative blogs, having online conversations and now she also has her own website, membership and courses.

Joci James believes that every human being is on this planet with a purpose. Each individual is unique and has a different unique role to play. Her heart’s desire is to ensure everyone discovers the best within themselves. This is something she has been publicly recognized for and continues to delivery every chance she gets!

“Joci’s brilliance is using her own innate inner strengths and talents to guide you to your own personal treasures”, says speaker, author and certified accelerated business development mentor, V. Lynn Hawkins.

“Joci is a torch that helps light your way showing you the light of your own brilliance, allowing the true you to shine!”, agrees holistic healer, trainer, health and wellness coach, speaker, and author, Cynthia Gardner O’Neill.

Joci James is a true Octogenarian. She is ready to grow old gracefully, rather than enjoying retirement or playing golf, she is out there inspiring the world, giving people a purpose through her passion as a life coach. She believes that it is possible to enjoy ageless vibrant living, and she leads this vision by example. Her online courses have hit the world by storm and will leave a legacy of revitalizing the human spirit.

Joci wants to provide wisdom for the living. Now is the time to shine with your hidden talents and inner beauty. Discover the Best of You.

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Personal Treasure Hunt: Discover your Hidden Gifts & Talents~ Inspirational Business Women Show

Virginia Parsons, your Hangout Mentor, http://www.hangoutmarketingu.com interviews coach Joci James. *Hold onto your hats!* We have +Joci James , a very sharp, feisty Life Strengths Detective joining us on the next Inspirational Business Women Show. Joci possesses extraordinary experience, wisdom, tips and strategies to bring out your best hidden strengths, gifts and talents to empower you to achieve your deepest desires.

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Ageless Vibrant Living Starts NOW!

*Is an ageless vibrant life possible?* Celebrating 88 Years, Special Guest, JOCI JAMES, The Life Strengths Detective, Author and Life Coach, talks openly about launching a new phase in life and business as an Octogenarian and what it means to make a Power Move! When most people her age are callling it quits,+Joci James is launching the next phase of life and business, and moving onto the Speakers Circuit sharing a message of inspiration, passion and purpose … *”You Can Live an Ageless Vibrant Life!”*

Adventures of The Heart – Discovering the Best of YOU!

*What Is the Best of You?*  Some say it’s their eyes, their beautiful exterior, or  their loving heart. Guest *JOCI JAMES*, The Life Strengths Coach, Heartfully Wise Woman, Speaker and Trainer, along with Co-Hosts *Cynthia Gardner O’Neill* and *V. Lynn Hawkins* explore *Discovering the Best of YOU! +Joci James knows that when you believe in yourself, miracles can happen. She also says that the problem is when we don’t know why we’re here on the planet, because of what we’ve learned and/or experienced, we cannot achieve what we dream about, without difficulty,