HOW CREATING BEAUTY INSIDE OUT can…… Lead to a vibrant ageless life.


Joci-James-Life-Strengths-DetectiveCreating beauty is an innate part of Joci James nature. She was led to having a career as a make-up artist and skin care specialist and little did Joci know that she would be led to discover more than just beauty on the outside; she discovered the best of her was on the inside.

It all started when she was a skinny, freckled faced kid. She was drawn to making Joci more beautiful.

Then as a mature woman becoming a make-up artist and skin care specialist in Beverly Hills, she had the opportunity to study with some of the best European Skin Care Specialist in the U. S. All the while studying self help books and taking every course she could on living a quality life. She began to realize that no matter what we see in the mirror and how beautiful we look on the outside it is never enough until we see the beauty inside ourselves

That’s when she decided to become a Life Coach, to help people feel the beauty inside of them, which she calls BEAUTY FROM THE INSIDE OUT Joci James is known as “The Life Strengths Detective.”  She leads folks on a treasure hunt in search of their hidden talents and gifts. She has also earned the title of Octogenarian. She is 88 years young. When she is asked how she got to be this coveted age, she replies, “I am like aged wine, the older I get, the better I get.”

With her expertise, she is guiding people to discover, uncover and activate their treasures and to realize their deepest dreams. To live their life and flourish with gusto. During her long life experience of facing what she believed to be unchangeable challenges, she engaged her resourcefulness, tenacity and creativity to overcome the many roadblocks she encountered and has emerged into a vibrant, strong, informed woman who has dedicated her life to guiding others to seek out and shine their brilliance to light a path for others to shine theirs.

She says, “As I look back now at the events of how my life path was woven, there were disappointments that I considered a failure at the time but that turned out to be a golden thread that silently guided me to the next adventure with each one elevating me to a higher purpose.” This finally led her to having her wishes fulfilled. But this slow climb is not she wants for you. This was a process of over 30 years! With the guidance she has planned for you, you will be able to accomplish your wishes in a laser like fashion without all the struggles and floundering around that she experienced

Around middle age, was when she started examining her purpose in life, she had no life map so she did a lot of stumbling around. Her dreams and desires had always been around beauty.

As mentioned, she was a kid of about 6 when she started the first grade. It was during the first Great Depression where lots of folks including her family barely had enough to eat. She lived in an “Oil Boom Town” where there were also a lot of millionaires. Some of the kids were chauffeured to school in limousines and lived in big 2 story houses with white columned porches. That’s when she knew she wasn’t one of the millionaires.

Her family lived in a small 4 room (not bedrooms, 4 rooms) house that was painted brown.

How she hated that house. But it did start a burning desire to make her surroundings as beautiful as she could. She would pour over her aunt’s Better Homes and Gardens magazines, dreaming of the home she would have someday

She was a skinny; red headed freckled faced kid and felt very ugly. Of course her brother didn’t help matters by calling her “red “and “peg-leg” She did not see the humor in it.

As soon as she was allowed, she started playing around with make-up to cover up those pesky freckles. These days they are considered cute. One joci-mirror2might say she has had a lifetime of being a make-up artist. 

Fast-forward 44 years later; she was doing make-up for celebrities in Beverly Hills. No one would be surprised that another passion of hers is gardening. Those Better Homes and Gardens magazines were the seeds that were planted in her mind that have bloomed and blossomed to a garden that she has today.

She lives in a garden home with an interior a garden atrium including a waterfall. Most of the living area overlooks the garden that came to reality from those days pouring over Better Homes Gardens magazines. Her friends have named her home “Harmony House”

p>These days the octogenarian spends her days helping women over 50 to feel their beauty inside and out. She leads courses and workshops that are called “Power Surge for Women,” to recharge their batteries and learn innovative ways to accomplish whatever choices that the freedom of the second half allows.

It is her passion to share some of those with other people who are facing a turning point in their life. Some of her other on line courses and workshops include, “Discovering the Best of You, the 4D’s and “Discovering the Best of Your, Dig Deeper”

She wants people to have the opportunity to learn that the quality of their life has a huge impact on the enjoyment of life. And that there is a simple way to do this without taking 35 years to achieve fulfillment.

Her life has taught her that each of us has a purpose for being here. She says, ‘We are as unique as our fingerprint and we are designed to fulfill our purpose. We must continually strive to discover the best of our selves. With this accomplishment comes peace and comfort.” Her brilliance is using her innate inner strengths and talents to guide you to your treasures and to be a torch that will light your way. This process will uncover your gifts and talents that will equip you with the tools to active your wishes to your realization of your chosen end results.

She serves folks that are reaching a time in their life that allows them to have the freedom to explore options that will motivate them to employ their inborn strengths.

Another of her passions is to encourage folks to live their legacy now. By that, she means to understand how important it is to live each day so that when you do reach the end, you can be grateful that you have used up all your inborn gifts, that you have shared them with others and you will not die with your music still inside you, it will be radiating from others.

Her mission is to provide a source of guidance for the tools necessary to uncover your unique gifts and serve as your guide to creating a roadmap of simple, doable steps to lead you to your desired goal. A necessary process for discovering the best version of you is to take a inner strengths assessment to discover, uncover an utilize your best self and to stock of the best of you.

It was when she discovered her unique gifts and talents and took action to design a process for others to realize theirs, that she felt her wishes were fulfilled.

Now, when she reviews the journey of her life, her recollection is not of regret and feelings of failure,  her satisfaction is knowing that the roadblocks were what strengthened her, made her travels more interesting and even some of the roadblocks led to detours of rich encounters. Encounters that wove that Golden Thread into a road well-traveled that led to a vibrant, glowing life.

“Learn how to follow your life path with your intuitive feelings and heart, then, you will have gained insight into knowing how to choose the fork in your path that is right for you.”  … Joci James