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"How to Make Clear, Conscious Choices"

When you are looking at your life, you will want your CHOICES to be those choices which will assure you WILL arrive at your chosen final destination.

With Joci James as your "Life Tour Guide", you will have your boarding pass, and be seated in your first class seat; time of arrival confirmed, no flight delays, no stop over or detours to be endured.

You will be able to plan your "Life Journey" by choosing the path that takes you to your Joci James, Life Strength's Detectivedestination using a flight plan of personal (one-on-one) coaching, group coaching, retirement or selecting one of the several Teleseminars that are ongoing throughout the year. You WILL enjoy your trip with first class amenities!

Joci works with hundreds of women every year, encouraging them to take charge of their destiny and feel good again about their future.

The difference our program, Power Surge Teleseries for Women makes with their ability to make choices that are truly their own is incredible.

This program is a personal discovery of the treasures that can be buried deep within and only revealed after your guide, Joci James, Strengths Finder Detective, leads you through the teleseries treasure hunt, with an informative plan to place your gifts and talents to work to achieve the success of your dreams.

It's Your LIFE Journey and About Choice Coaching is
here to guide you.

The Life Tours at About Choice Coaching are made smooth
by using mind maps and assessments.

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